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Omnia · Vanitas

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In answer to Jeff's query in my previous post, and in particular to address Cosmo's dislike of Facebook, I'll provide instructions on how to subscribe to my Facebook notes. Once you subscribe, links to my notes will appear in your browser's bookmarks tab. And since the link is an RSS feed, the links will automatically update themselves as I post new notes. This way, you don't need to actually go into Facebook to find the notes. The link will take you right there.

To subscribe, go to any old note that I've posted on Facebook, such as this one. (If you're logged onto Facebook, the link should take you directly to the note). Once you're there, to the right of the screen, beneath the links to my other notes, there shoud be a link that says "Subscribe to these notes" or "Subscribe to Saba's notes". Click on that, and then in the ensuing page, click on "Subscribe Now" at the top. That should take you to your bookmarks folder; from there, it's the same as creating any old bookmark.
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